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Compelling copy for companies in real estate, construction, and long term care.

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Real Estate

I’m an owner, operator, developer

I need copy that will:

  • Spark trust in investors
  • Impress lenders
  • Sell the value in my deals


I’m a GC, subcontractor, vendor

I need copy that will:

  • Showcase my experience
  • Demonstrate my process
  • Land more contracts

Long Term Care

I’m an owner, administrator, service provider

I need copy that will:

  • Establish trust
  • Set me apart
  • Fuel my growth

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I do something else

You want copy that works for your business.

  • Steeped in research – hours and hours of immersion in YOUR business and YOUR industry
  • Written with thought – no aimless ramblings and off-target musings
  • Backed by purpose – an understanding of business and consumer psychology

No fluffy-like-your-daughter’s pink princess slippers-copy.
No endless pages filled with boring professor-ese.

Just good copy.
On brand. On target.

Rivet: Straightforward process. Proven results.

Clear milestones

Know exactly what to expect when. My airtight process takes the guesswork out and sets the ground for a smoothly flowing project.

On-time, every time

Your time is important. Your deadlines are crucial. That’s why I only accept a limited number of projects a month.

No stalled projects

No reminders needed. I keep the ball rolling all the way to the finish line, so you can check this project off your overstuffed list.

Insider’s knowledge

I’m familiar with all aspects of marketing in the industry - the terms, the norms, and the most effective ways of getting your message across.

Some great companies who’ve already experienced the power of Rivet

…and what they have to say

“I highly recommend Zissy, especially to those in the real estate market”

“Zissy has a unique skill set. She really understands the industry and delivered a well-written, thought-out piece. The project was completed well within the timeframe, which was crucial for this project. I highly recommend Zissy, especially to those in the real estate market, and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Joseph Waldman, Highgates

“The final product is exactly what we were hoping to achieve.”

“Zissy went above and beyond her obligations to our project. Aside from the excellent copy she wrote, she was involved in every detail, ensuring the success of our website. The final product is exactly what we were hoping to achieve”

Allan Tress, Principal, CSRE Acquisitions and Management

Upgrade your marketing. Stand out. Get results.

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